Frequently Asked Questions


Miniature Light Bulbs and LEDs

Q: How do I know what transformer is right for my dollhouse?
A: It depends on the voltage of the lights and how many lights you will be using. You need to count all lights. For example: a chandelier that has five lights is counted as 5 not 1 light.

Q: What is the voltage of a AA battery?
A: 1.5 volts

Q: Can I use a higher voltage bulb with a lower voltage power supply?
A: Yes, you can however the light will be dimmer. Depending on how much lower the voltage on the power supply is, you may barely be able to see the light. You cannot use a higher voltage power supply than the bulb or you will damage the light and probably burn it out immediately.

Q: How many lights can I attach to a 3V Cell Battery?
A: You can connect up to 10 3Volt LEDs on a 2032 cell battery. The more lights you attach to the battery the sooner you will need to replace the battery.

Q: Can I attach the 3V LED’s to a 9V battery?
A: Only if there is a 680Ohm resister between the light and the battery.

Dollhouse Rugs and Wallpaper

Q: Can I get any rug printed in a different size?
A: Any rug can be sized down. Rugs can only be sized up to the point where they begin to become too blurry or distorted. It all depends on the size of the original artwork. To be sure you can contact us at to find out if your needs can be met.

Q: What type of glue do I use to install the wallpaper?
A: Only use glue that is not water based. YES glue is a good choice and can be found in some hobby stores or by searching online for a retailer that carries it. Actual wallpaper paste can also be used and there are wallpaper glues used specifically for installing miniature wallpapers. It is important to read all instructions before actually gluing your wallpaper. Using the wrong glue can damage the paper or cause it to bubble over time creating an undesirable result.

Q: What type of paper is the wallpaper printed on?
A: All of our wallpaper is printed on quality archival paper that has a 25% cotton content. It is heavier than regular paper but not as heavy as card stock.

Q: What are the rugs made of?
A: Our rugs are printed on velvet paper which is flocked on one side and has a nap to it the way velvet does and paper on the other side. It is approximately the thickness of card stock but it is not stiff like card stock. We use water resistant inks.


Q: Do all the light fixtures in 1:48 scale light up?
A: Yes, all of our 1:48 scale light fixtures have LED lights in them.

Q: What is the difference between a white light and a warm white light?
A: The white light is a bright white light that doesn’t change the color of the room or the furnishing when lit. The warm white light is not quite as bright and has a yellow cast to it. It will change the color of the room and furnishing to some extent.

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